Rarely seen, never forgotten

The Allard Motor Works J2X® MkIII is a modern hand-crafted version of the famed British competition roadster that stirred crowds in Europe and North America in the early 1950s. Our modern version integrates the latest technology into the same design, to provide a safer, more comfortable and reliable vehicle than its predecessor, without compromising performance.

Allard Motor Works is reintroducing our limited production roadster for classic and vintage car aficionados, as well as for collectors. Recognized by the Allard Register, each of our J2X® MkIIIs is awarded a special serial number that continues from the end of the original production. This serial number is then entered into the Register’s database as a permanent record.

Allard Motor Works recognizes that many individuals are looking for a classic car that is distinctive, unique and exclusive. To those individuals, rest assured that we will always remain a low-volume manufacturer. So, if you ever see another J2X® MkIII on the road, you know that he also belongs to an exclusive fraternity.

From Mild to Wild

• Cadillac, Hemi and Corvette

• Fuel-injected V8’s with CPUs

• Emission-compliant

• Full manufacturer’s warranty

Laying it Down

• 5-speed manual with overdrive

• Fully synchronized

• Competition grade

• Automatic optional – retro look included

• manufacturer’s warranty

Handling is Everything

  • Independent suspension front & rear
  • Coil-over adjustible shocks
  • adjustable ride height
  • High-performance disk brakes
  • Inboard rear brakes
  • Limited slip diffrential

Limited Yearly Production

Irrespective of demand, AMW intends to limit the availability of its J2X® MkIIIs to 100 vehicles per year, worldwide. You can rest assured that you will not see our J2X’s® at every street corner.

Allard Register

All of our J2Xs® receive special serial numbers issued by the Allard Register and vehicle particulars/ownership are documented within that registry.


Our Allard J2X® MkIII is the convergence of solid engineering, superior craftsmanship and a passion for details. 

Hand built in the USA

The Allard Motor Work J2X® MkIII is hand built right here in the USA.  Our operation is located in Valencia, Ca.

The J2X® MKIII is Designed for You

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