June 2016

The Mitty is a long-standing season opener held at the Breselton, GA Road Atlanta track. The 2.54-mile track has 12 turns and significant elevations that make it a fun track for all classes of racers from pre-war classics to Le Mans type enduro cars. The Allard J2X MkII demo car was a crowd favorite on Vendors’ Alley, in the Paddocks and on the track where its assertive roar thrilled the fans.

Sandwiched between a Corvette Le Mans racer and a full-race 1968 Mercury Cougar, our J2X MkII waits for the green light to enter the track. Coverage of The Mitty is scheduled in the next edition of Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports magazines.

Sandwiched between a Corvette Le Mans racer and a full-race 1968 Mercury Cougar, our J2X MkII waits for the green light to enter the track. Road Atlanta is a blast to run, particularly corners 10 (two quick 90º turns followed by a steep climb) through 12 (blind turn and extreme drop). Only challenge was to get the Saleen pace car to break the 3 digit barrier and move out of the way!

The Fernandino Beach Airport (Amelia Island) was the site of many sports car races from 1961 to 1968. The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) brought racing back to the airport with an inaugural vintage car and motorcycle race on March 17-20, 2016.

The Allard J2X MkII was the event’s official pace car, driven by experienced driver and SVRA Director, Alex Miller. Following a weekend of spirited lapping with the pace car, Alex commented that “This is one hell of a fun car!”

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December 2015 saw the signing into law of a US bi-partisan bill ( H.R. 2675) called the ‘Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015’. This specifically allows companies that currently make no more than 500 cars per year to produce and sell up to 350 turnkey replica vehicles without ‘dynamic structural testing’ (crash testing). Conditions do apply however, since the model year of the replica must be at least 25 years old and the vehicle must be powered by an emission-compliant engine.

The engine must be approved by EPA in the model year in which the motor vehicle has received a certificate of conformity, or has been granted an Executive Order by the California Air Resources Board.

In the case of Allard Motor Works (AMW), the new Allard J2X MkIII will meet these requirements, since all of its vehicles will be equipped with the latest engines that are EPA or California emission-compliant. It is not AMW’s intention to exceed the maximum 350 vehicle units per year. AMW recognizes that its customers recognize the value of uniqueness and exclusivity in its J2X and will live up to its slogan – Rarely Seen. Never Forgotten.

From the ground up, the new Allard J2X MkIII integrates a number of refinements that will bring the roadster to a new level. The objective is to provide owners with a unique and exclusive vehicle that makes classic driving a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

All J2X MkIII will be powered by Californie emission compliant V8 engines. In this case, we can see 450 hp fuel-injected GM LS3 E-Rod, providing the new Allard with an assertively high power-to-weight ration that is well balanced for performance driving.

The Kugel independent rear suspension features fully adjustable QA1 shocks, 12” vented disc brakes, integrated parking brake and a 9” Ford differential, available as a limited-slip or open configuration.

A 50/50 weight distribution on a 2,500-lb car makes for nimble and easy driving when in motion. However, when trying to parallel park or easing out of a tight situation, a power steering unit is a handy accessory. The new J2X MkIII will provide an electric power steering unit as a standard feature on all of its MkIIIs. Not all drivers come in a standardized configuration. As such, foot pedal adjustment and a tiltable steering wheel will provide the driver with the comfort and efficiency required to experience a great ride. Also shown here is the optional in-dash power brake unit and the standard electric power steering mechanism.