January 2017

Sometimes we are surprised where our Allard J2X MkII pops up. This time around we were tipped off that there was a small mention of us in a recent post on the Jalopnik.com. We we’re pleasantly surprised to find one of our MKII’s as part of the article on the most expensive home on sale in the United States and the incredible car collection that comes with it (The cars are worth $30 million other own!!!) Included in the collection, one Pozy Blue Allard J2X MK2.


Don’t feel like reading? Click here for the direct link to the video on Youtube. 

You can see the Allard J2X MKII starting @ minute 1:14


The March Edition of Classic Motorsports Magazine features the Allard Motor Works’ J2X MkII. Penned by senior automotive writer, John Webber, and through the words of the current owner of J2X #9028, the feature covers both a current review of the J2X MkII and a historical overview of the Allard marque.

Classic Motorsports

The author not only captures the essence of Bill King and his wife Sheryl’s attachment to their Allard, but he undertakes a series of road tests to validate the accolades this neo-retro roadster has received from other media sources, celebrities and from current owners.

If you believe that destiny is often related to the ‘alignment of planets, then you will also enjoy a series of anecdotes by Roger Allard as he describes the circumstances that led him to revive the 1951-54 Allard J2X in a modern format. His remarks provide a thumbnail sketch of his 18-year initiative to keep the Allard marque on the radar- a victim of fading memories, low production volumes and the lack of exposure in a highly competitive market.

Complimenting the main feature, John Webber provides the current specifications of the soon-to-be launched J2X MkIII, as well as an interesting sidebar that provides a capsule overview of Sidney Allard’s career, his accomplishments and his legacy. Interesting and humorous quotes are sourced from a number of motorsports publications from the 1950s.

You can find a copy on the shelves of your local magazine store, or you can get a digital copy directly from Classic Motorsports.