December 2015 saw the signing into law of a US bi-partisan bill ( H.R. 2675) called the ‘Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015’. This specifically allows companies that currently make no more than 500 cars per year to produce and sell up to 350 turnkey replica vehicles without ‘dynamic structural testing’ (crash testing). Conditions do apply however, since the model year of the replica must be at least 25 years old and the vehicle must be powered by an emission-compliant engine.

The engine must be approved by EPA in the model year in which the motor vehicle has received a certificate of conformity, or has been granted an Executive Order by the California Air Resources Board.

In the case of Allard Motor Works (AMW), the new Allard J2X MkIII will meet these requirements, since all of its vehicles will be equipped with the latest engines that are EPA or California emission-compliant. It is not AMW’s intention to exceed the maximum 350 vehicle units per year. AMW recognizes that its customers recognize the value of uniqueness and exclusivity in its J2X and will live up to its slogan – Rarely Seen. Never Forgotten.

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