Allard J2X MKII - Sanair

“The Allard Motor Works J2X MKII is a modern hand-crafted version of the famed British competition roadster that stirred crowds in Europe and North America in the early 1950s. Our modern version integrates the latest technology into the same design, to provide a safer, more comfortable and reliable vehicle than its predecessor, without compromising performance.

Allard Motor Works is reintroducing this limited production roadster for classic and vintage car aficionados, as well as collectors. The J2X MkII is recognized by the Allard Registry, which has awarded our J2X MKII special serial numbers and a place in the Registry.

Allard Motor Works is committed to keeping this legend alive by releasing no more than 100 new J2Xs per year for the enjoyment of sports car lovers from around the world.”

Roger P. Allard