From the ground up, the new Allard J2X MkIII integrates a number of refinements that will bring the roadster to a new level. The objective is to provide owners with a unique and exclusive vehicle that makes classic driving a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

All J2X MkIII will be powered by Californie emission compliant V8 engines. In this case, we can see 450 hp fuel-injected GM LS3 E-Rod, providing the new Allard with an assertively high power-to-weight ration that is well balanced for performance driving.

The Kugel independent rear suspension features fully adjustable QA1 shocks, 12” vented disc brakes, integrated parking brake and a 9” Ford differential, available as a limited-slip or open configuration.

A 50/50 weight distribution on a 2,500-lb car makes for nimble and easy driving when in motion. However, when trying to parallel park or easing out of a tight situation, a power steering unit is a handy accessory. The new J2X MkIII will provide an electric power steering unit as a standard feature on all of its MkIIIs. Not all drivers come in a standardized configuration. As such, foot pedal adjustment and a tiltable steering wheel will provide the driver with the comfort and efficiency required to experience a great ride. Also shown here is the optional in-dash power brake unit and the standard electric power steering mechanism.

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