Your Own J2X MkII

Allard J2X MkII - Cockpit

The AMW Allard J2X MkII is a lifestyle product that is designed to satisfy the needs of sports car aficionados that seek rarity, distinctiveness and tradition. Irrespective of demand, AMW intends to limit the availability of its J2X MKIIs to 100 vehicles per year, worldwide. You can rest assured that you will not see our J2Xs at every street corner. This will ensure exclusivity for our customers, as well as an appreciating value for their cars. All of our J2Xs receive special serial numbers issued by the Allard Registry and vehicle particulars/ownership are documented within that registry. Your documentation will be signed by Roger P. Allard.

Following the receipt of a signed purchase order (detailing your desired options and configuration) and receipt of your initial deposit, your Allard Motor Works J2X should be ready to drive within twelve to sixteen weeks.

Allard J2X MkII - VG

Terms of Purchase

  • 50% non-refundable deposit upon placing the order
  • 25% when component sourcing is complete
  • 25% two weeks before released to the owner

Deposits are held in trust and released as benchmarks are achieved.


AMW has gone to great lengths to select components for its J2Xs that comply with AMW's high quality, reliability and performance standards. All components are supported by their manufacturers' warranties. This includes all of its structural components, the engine and drive train. In addition to this, AMW guarantees the overall integrity of its J2X MkII under normal use for one year, which excludes the race track.

To ensure reliability and ease of servicing, AMW has chosen components and assemblies that are easily recognizable and readily available to any qualified mechanic around the world. To ensure customer satisfaction, all J2X MkII components undergo extensive quality checks.


Transportation, insurance, registration, taxes and documentation are the responsibility of the owner. If required, Allard Motor Works can assist the new owner to either schedule his own pickup, or to recommend commercial carriers (land or sea) to do so.